Rugs are designed for almost all Toyota tacoma 2008 in ghana car models. WeatheRtech raised the floor protection of the car to a new level! Thanks to the laser measurement and individual fit front rugs 3D liners&# 8482; not only cover the carpet, but also have a protruding outer edge to partially cover the front, rear and side sides of the foot of your car. Rugs are intended for use in different weather conditions.

Summer, winter, autumn, spring, these mats remain flexible even at the lowest temperatures and have a protective non-stick coating for fast and easy cleaning. These are full of 3 measurements of protection! To prevent displacement, WeatherTech rubber mats have anti-slip protrusions on the bottom of the rug.

The lower reservoir holds it in one place on the stand, and not on the car carpet. Improved surface design of rugs 3d liners&# 8482; Creates channels that transfer dirt from shoes to the lower reservoir. Weathertech Rubber Rugs have deep channels designed to capture water, road salts, dirt and sand.

Wethertech mats



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