Be especially careful not to enter your FetLife user name or give out your password to anyone, not even them

While the questions and the results may be informative and enlightening, and many of you will find much in common and possibly humorous and fun, as a fellow FetLife member who knows a thing or two about online safety, I would like to take this immediate opportunity to inform all FetLife Members to use caution when filling out the questionnaire.

This Test is not affiliated in anyway with FetLife, or any other mainline BDSM organization. The website is owned and operated by an unknown entity in the European city of Alblasserdam, in the Netherlands.

On the results page of this TEST, FetLife members are encouraged to have the test results automatically posted directly to their profile page.

To do this you will be asked to submit your FetLife user name and your FetLife password so they may do this for you. Additionally there is another link which you are asked to click in order to add to your friends list.

When that user link is clicked it continues to draw a blank response from the FetLife servers, and you will be redirected to your FetLife Feed, failing results.

Nor are there any other addresses, or phone numbers available in case of additional problems which may arise as a result of you or anyone else sharing what many FetLife members deem to be our sacred home away from home and utmost privacy

Please use common sense and online safety practices as there are no guarantees that your information will be held in strictest confidence.

If you, or if you know of anyone else, who has already mistakenly added your username and password to ‘s automated system, you should immediately stop what you are doing and read no further. I highly recommend that you change your FetLife Account password immediately; NOW not later.

Once again, I find nothing wrong with the test, nor do I find fault with the results that are provided.

I do, however, feel that any information that may now glean, whether intentionally or by accident from your entire profile, including photos and writings posted for friends only, private messages, phone numbers and addresses of friends, including your personal email address associated with your FetLife account places not just you, but any others recorded anywhere within your profile, at great risk.

Please, Immediately read this Terms of Service provided by before you ever consider adding your name and email address to receive updates/test results, since this could become another means linking private life to FetLife.

As anyone can see, this agreement leaves a great deal of latitude, and provides abilities to an unknown entity that is better not left to chance…

1. NATURE This is an authenticator plugin for the kink-oriented social network site The tool is not owned by, operated by, approved by or associated to FetLife in any way. Our tool merely provides a convenient way to share updates on your FetLife profile with a single button click.

If this is a problem to you, DO NOT USE THIS TOOL

2. EXTERNAL REGULATIONS Our tool is meant as a free assistance tool for the website and requires the user to have an account there. As a result of this, any action using this tool is subject to FetLife’s Terms of Use as well. In particular, it is the responsability of the user to (a) verify that using this service is still allowed with the latest version of FetLife’s Terms of Use; (b) not use this application in any way that could potentially constitute a violation of FetLife’s Terms of Use; (c) not use this application to post any content prohibited by FetLife’s Content Guidelines or other applicable pages. If you are unwilling or unable to do this, DO NOT USE THIS TOOL.

3. PROPER USE Our tool is meant to facilitate posting updates on your FetLife profile and providing your identification to kinky websites. It is not allowed to use this tool with someone else’s account, without this person reading and agreeing to these terms and consenting for you to use the tool in their name. Identifying with someone else’s account without their consent, posting illegal content, posting content that can potentially disrupt the proper working of this tool (e.g. in an attempt to hack the website), and posting any content with the goal of causing reputational damage to this tool, are strictly forbidden. If you plan do any of these, DO NOT USE THIS TOOL.

4. PRIVACY POLICY By using our tool, you consent to its administrators reading, downloading, storing, processing and analyzing any data that you submit to our server, as well as any data obtainable from your FetLife account after logging in with the entered credentials, including data that would otherwise not be viewable. The following restrictions apply: (a) we will not willingly make any visible changes to your account, except for the ones that you explicitly select when using the tool; (b) we will not willingly hand any data derived from your account to any third party without properly anonymizing it first; (c) we will not willingly disclose any personally identifiable information from any user’s profile to any third party; where “willingly” means that we will not voluntarily undertake such operation, but that we cannot be held responsible for this happening outside of our will (e.g. by a hacker obtaining a user’s information, or by a human error in the software of the tool, or by an accidental mistake on our side). If there is any data on your FetLife account that you do not wish us to be able to access, or if you do not want to take the risk that any of the above would happen outside of our will, DO NOT USE THIS TOOL.

Also, please note that the traffic is currently sent over http, hence your login data is not encrypted while being transmitted to our server. This may put your data accessible to hackers easily.

5. LIABILITY Our tool comes “as is”, and while we expect it to work as described, we do not legally guarantee that it will. By making use of our service, the user accepts that there are no guarantees on the outcome of their usage, and the user takes full responsibility for any damage caused to any party as a result from their use of this tool, without any restriction. If you cannot accept this or if there is any possible outcome of your usage of this tool that would cause you to hold FAP or its administrators liable for any damage caused, DO NOT USE THIS TOOL.

6. UNDERSTANDING AND AGREEMENT In order to use our tool, you must fully understand and fully agree to the above terms. If there is anything you do not fully understand, or if there is any part that you do not fully agree to, DO NOT USE THIS TOOL. It’s really that simple.

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