Persona 5confidants and romance guide Here’s who to hold with

Shinya, the gamer kid in Akihabara, has one ability that is really good “Down shot,” which allows you to invest all your valuable ammo to knock an enemy down. Which may maybe maybe maybe maybe not appear therefore hot, however in later dungeons you’ll encounter a great amount of enemies that don’t have actually a weakness, and achieving a real solution to knock them straight straight down can save your self the sofa. Their ranking 6 cap ability, “Cheap Shot,” decreases the actual quantity of ammo this utilizes.

The washed up politician, Yoshida, provides you with abilities that produce negotiating with shadows convenient. Him to rank 10, where you’ll unlock the ability to negotiate with and capture shadows that are at a higher level than you if you’re the type of player who wants to collect lots of personas, you’ll want to get.

Twin Wardens

The Twin Wardens would be the most challenging link that is social level up, needing particular personas with particular abilities to improve their ranking. You’ll need certainly to get imaginative to meet their needs, nevertheless when you do you’ll unlock persona that are new methods along with other abilities pertaining to personas. Most significant is the ranking 10 ability, Special Treatment, which enables you to break the amount barrier and fuse personas of an increased degree than your self (although for a substantial cost).


Besides being the hottest medical practitioner in town, Takemi may also stock more and better things — and offer them to you personally for cheaper — the bigger your ranking along with her. She’s spending that is worth on.


Mishima may be the man whom operates your phan-site, in certain methods shaping general public opinion associated with Phantom Thieves himself. Far better keep him on your own good part. His abilities will may also increase the quantity of expertise you make from battle, therefore there’s that, too.


Along with getting combat that is new, Yusuke will as time passes gain the capability to replicate ability cards for you personally. These can be employed to teach your personas brand new abilities, which will come in handy for the Twin Wardens’ quests, but hardly ever otherwise, particularly when you’re the kind of player who switches your personas around often.

Weapons Dealer

Getting together with Iwai when you look at the shop that is airsoft a pretty interesting storyline, but their perks — a weapon modification menu and discounts within the store — aren’t all of that helpful. Possibly on greater problems?

Fortune Teller

The Shinjuku fortune teller, Chihaya Mifune, is a scam musician most importantly, so that it’s a secret why anybody may wish to spend some time along with her at all. But also when you can see through the fact she offers you a costly swelling of salt, her abilities — things like temporarily enhancing the development price of the social stats, enhancing the cash you can make from battle, and permitting you to preview other social links’ abilities (which you’re currently reading right here rather) — aren’t that useful.


The reporter that is drunk be amusing, but her abilities, which all connect with the protection level in dungeons, are fundamentally worthless.

Prison Master, Morgana, Sae Niijima, and Akechi

These four confidants have actually of good use perks, nevertheless they advance immediately whilst the game advances, so there’s really no point worrying all about them.

Ann and Ryuji

Though it’s definitely worth spending some time with Ann and Ryuji for the combat abilities they’ll unlock, they don’t offer any distinct perks beyond that. You’ll probably wind up ranking them up regardless, since they’re two regarding the earliest confidants you unlock.

Romance choices

You’ll be able to begin “special” intimate relationships with a few for the feminine confidants it is possible to satisfy in Persona 5. a relationship does not always offer extra game play advantages, but each relationship increases the tale in an original way, so that it’s worth checking out only for that.

The change to a intimate relationship constantly occurs throughout the transition from rank 8 to 9, and will depend on the discussion alternatives you select, therefore be sure to save your self upfront if you’re scared of screwing it. You are able to romance as numerous figures while you want with which has no effects, therefore go get ‘em, player.

Here’s a listing of the relationship choices in Persona 5 , along with the gift ideas they like:

Makoto is an intellectual pupil whom prefers smart gift ideas such as the guide address and classic music CDs obtainable in the Shibuya underground shopping shopping mall, as well as the bike figure, which fits her persona.

Haru has costly flavor, nevertheless the only present she’s into is the “earthen vase” within the underground shopping mall.

Ann Takamaki enjoys candies like chocolate, custard, and pudding, along with things that assistance with her modeling, such as perfume and lipstick. She’ll basically accept anything, though, such as the KGB vest and heart-shaped band.

Sojiro is probably not delighted about any of it, but their used child, Futaba, can be obtained being a intimate choice in Persona 5 . She likes the KGB vest through the mall that is underground the bicycle figure and “local character products” from Akihabara, along with low priced chocolate.

Chihaya, the fortune teller, likes the earthen vase, combat mirror, and flower container, which you are able to purchase in the Shinjuku store that is general.

Takemi, the punk that is sketchy, may be prickly, and that’s reflected in her choices. She likes the tabletop cactus, the mug that is black the sakura fan, and some desserts, including truffle chocolate and custard dessert.

Your teacher/maid Kawakami is obviously suffering money, therefore she appreciates high priced presents, such as the perfume that is branded high-class scents. She’s additionally practical, however, and can accept the chocolate that is cheap compact mirror in the event that you provide them.

The journalist’s that is drunk are notably predictable. She really really loves the water water water fountain pen and also the black colored cup you will give her, and the sakura design fan, the scent package, the cactus, and matcha pudding.

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