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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when a fire occurs on a home when the owner burns?

Fire causes fires on either side but no fire damages a home. Fire can travel from a building or vehicle as you get out of the building. The person in charge of the electrical system must make sure that you keep the fire under control.

Can an electricity service be purchased in my area?

You can purchase your service through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in your Area code.

Can I purchase fire insurance from an insurer in my area?

Yes you can, there is a list available. The National Association of Fire Industry Associations (NAFIA) provides details:

Do I need to call my fire station to make an appointment for a fire or to make an emergency call?

Yes, your local fire station is free to call in case of an emergency.

What happens if I can’t make an appointment for a fire?
You can call the NAFIA or to see if the fire has started up from my home and fire is expected. If a fire is expected, you should know which areas to send the person who made an emergency call.

Will I still be able to return to my house after